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Little Beck LLC/KimoPics request that you consider a sponsorship donation to The Names of Those This project is an art piece installation that will display the scrolling names by state of every military service member who died as a result of their service during the Vietnam War.

I. Background and Rationale

As former founder and executive director of the United States Veterans Arts Program(USVAP) providing art resources to VA Medical Centers, past Executive Director of the National Veterans Art Museumin Chicago where he coordinated the development and construction of the artwork for the Chicago Vietnam Veterans Memorialand co-founder of the Lt. Dan Bandperforming for military members around the world, J. Kimo Williams understands the importance of engaging veteran's perspectives with community-based support. Specifically, forThe Names of Those project, he is using art as a mechanism to highlight the importance of understanding the individuality of Vietnam military veterans as an integral part of the cultural community and reflecting on those service-members who lost their lives as a result of their service during the Vietnam War.

Through this project, Little Beck LLC/KimoPics, a veteran-owned business, will provide a unique visual perspective of the names of each service member who, according to the National Archives, is considered a casualty directly related to their service in the Vietnam War. 

III. Project Design and Implementation Plan

The Names of Those project developed and created by Vietnam Veteran J. Kimo Williams is an art installation that includes a video monitor with scrolling names and dates of death of every US military member who died as a result of their service in Vietnam during the Vietnam War as published by latest (2008) United States National Archives database. 

To scroll, all 58,220 names is estimated to take 10 hours over two days from the start (10 am) to finish ((8 pm) each day. A total of 20 hours is needed in that the speed of the scroll needs to be slow enough to be read.The names will be presented alphabetically by state and name of casualty with the official date of death.

Depending on the state where the installation is presented, the alphabetical order of States will be adjusted to ensure the state of presentation is shown at a time that is consistent with the anticipated audience and marketing initiative of the sponsoring presenter. A published program and poster (visually mounted next to installation) will be provided to viewers and marketed (social media and local media) as part of the implementation of the installation. [click here to see a two-day generic timeline]

This video will be accompanied by music from J. Kimo Williams' award-winning symphony, Symphony For The Sons of Nam, and will be looped continuously as all 58,220 names are presented. 

The physical art piece includes an enlarged cast-iron replica of the Vietnam Service medal created by Somalia Veteran Erich Ruthand an enlarged digital photo image of the Vietnam Service ribbon photographed by J. Kimo Williamsand printed on satin fabric. Consultants for the project include Army Veteran Carol Williams, Dr. Rebecca Williams, and Mr. Dan Tokar of Willow Forge Blacksmith Shop.

The video monitor will be mounted in such a way to be surrounded by the image of the ribbon, and the medal will be mounted on and protruding from the base of the ribbon. An additional side table will include a drawing of the Vietnam map, an American flag; a POW flag; a smaller version of the Vietnam Service medal; an interactive touch screen with searchable additional information and statistics relating to the names reflected in the art piece; a viewer-book (guestbook) for anyone viewing the installation to provide comments specific to the names represented. This viewer-book will remain with the exhibit at future installations for others who wish to read past comments. 

Additional information, to include a project mockup and a simulated video example can be viewed at www,

lV. About J. Kimo Williams

In 1970 as an Army Combat Engineer serving a tour of duty in Vietnam, Kimo Williams began a fascination with capturing images and composing music that reflects his life experiences and observations. Together, photography and music provide his distinct voice for self-reflection, social commentary, and cultural engagement. In 2018 he opened his photo gallery and music composing studio, KimoPics. Located at 133 West German Street, KimoPics is a government verified veteran-owned business. Artworks and prints are available for purchase. The Gallery exhibits photos from his exploration of Shepherdstown and the surrounding area as well as images from his years traveling the world as a performer. KimoPics produces at least two themed exhibits each year.

V. About Erich Ruth

Erik Ruth is an Army Veteran and artist with interest in realistic sculpture and found non-representational art. Living in Shepherdstown WV, he studied at Shepherd University and Lyme Academy of Fine Art. As an artist, he has worked with a variety of artists and artisans to include local metal blacksmith artist Dan Tokar of Willow Forge and also worked with the Sanders Museum Service, which provided artifact mount making and exhibit installation. As a Veteran, he served in the US Army deployed in operation Restore Hope (Somalia) and Uphold Democracy (Haiti).

VI. Your contribution

  • Cash contributions can be made in person through the donation box located at the front door of the KimoPics Gallery, 133 West German Street Shepherdstown, WV. 
  • A check can be made out too Little Beck LLC (with a check note: for TNOTProject) and sent to Little Beck LLC, 677 Comstock Drive Shepherdstown, WV 25443.
  • Donations can also be made with a credit card or PayPal at the website.

All donations will be used for the construction, development, marketing, and presentation of 

The Names of Those project.

The Names of Those is not associated with a 501c3 organization, and donations are not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

Contact:Kimo Williams


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