The Names Of Those......

Your contributions will support an art installation that will include a video monitor to scroll the names and dates of death of every US military member who died as a result of their service in Vietnam.

The names will be presented alphabetically by state, name, and official dates of death. The recorded award-winning composition Symphony for the Sons of Nam, written by Williams in 1991, will accompany the video presentation for the entire 20 hours it requires to complete the entire list of THE NAMES OF THOSE.

The physical art piece includes an enlarged cast-iron replica of the Vietnam Service medal created by Somalia Veteran and Shepherdstown resident, Erich Ruth, and an enlarged digital photo image of the Vietnam Service ribbon photographed by J. Kimo Williams and printed on satin fabric. Consultants and contributors for THE NAMES OF THOSE project include Army Veteran Carol Williams, Dr. Rebecca Williams, and Shepherdstown metal artist, Dan Tokar of Willow Forge.

The video monitor will be mounted in such a way to be surrounded by the image of the ribbon, and the medal will be mounted on and protruding from the base of the ribbon [see proposed mockup here]

An additional side table will include a drawing of the Vietnam map, an American flag; a POW flag; a smaller version of the Vietnam Service medal; an interactive touch screen with searchable additional information and statistics relating to the names reflected in the art piece; a viewer-book for anyone viewing the installation to provide comments specific to the names represented. (The viewer-book will remain with the exhibit at future installations for others who wish to read past comments).

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[Click here to see a YouTube rendering with music]

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The Names of Those (a Video example)